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List Rentals From The Managed Care Information Center’s Database Master Files


Listees acquired through exclusive, extensive research via mail, phone, and fax surveys.


Standard record includes: individual name*, title, company organzation name, street/PO address, city, state, and zip code.
*If no name is available, a title slug will be substituted.


One Time Use Only. Sample mail piece and firm mail date reservation required. List not available for emailing, telemarketing, or launches. List available on reciprocal rental/exchange basis only.


Advance payment with first order. Shipping is additional. Payment due 30 days from mail date. Cancellations accepted only upon return of labels BEFORE MAIL DATE. Cancellations made AFTER MAIL DATE are subject to all rental, running, and shipping charges. 20% discount to recognized brokers. No net name.

Pricing Information:


  • The National Directory of Managed Care Organizations

    The National Directory of Managed Care Organizations provides detailed profiles of health maintenance organizations (HMOs), preferred provider organizations (PPOs), specialty HMOs and PPOs, point of service plans (POSs), exclusive provider organizations (EPOs), peer review organizations (PROs), third party administrators (TPAs), utilization review organizations (UROs), pharmacy benefit management companies (PBMs), pharmacy networks (PNs) and provider sponsored organizations (PSOs).

    The National Directory of Managed Care Organizations is drawn from a database containing more than 1,500 MCOs, 110 pharmacy benefit management companies and pharmacy networks, and 80 PSOs/ Medicare+Choice Demonstration program. Counts by executive type: President/CEO/Chair 2170, Chief Financial Officer 980, Medical Director 940, Chief Information Officer 454, MIS Director 413, Pharmacy Director 203, Director Provider Services 490, Network Development 290, Marketing Director 790, and 3530+ Other Executive Titles.
    1520+ companies - One title select: $400 Flat

  • The National Directory of Physician Organizations

    Contains comprehensive information on more than 2,200 physician organizations including independent practice associations (IPAs), physician hospital associations (PHOs), management service organizations (MSOs), and physician practice management companies (PPMCs). Profiles include: executive company name and address, executive officers, company profile, market analysis, organizational functions, affiliating participating hospitals and management services organizations used.
    One title select: $500 Flat

  • The National Directory of Health Systems and Hospitals

    Contains comprehensive information on more than 757 healthcare delivery systems, including address, mailing address and one key executive from the listed personnel

    One title select: $400 Flat

  • The National Directory of Medical Directors on CD ROM

    More than 1300 Medical Directors have been identified in this new and unique database resource. From HMOs, PPOs, PHOs, IPAs.
    $400 Flat

Managed Care Information Center Key Executives Masterfile

Verified key executives from all managed care organizations, health systems, and leading physician organizations. These key  contacts have been verified through exclusive, extensive research via mail,  phone, and fax surveys.

The MCIC offers more verified names than any other source. No other source
provides as many top executive contact names for the managed care industry.
This file is updated on a continuing basis.

QUANTITY 20,033 $175.00/M

Media Options:

  • 4-up chesire labels
  • 1-up P/S labels (add $10 per thousand)
  • email/CD-Rom (add $50, non-refundable)


  • Keycoding, up to 20 characters (add $2 per thousand)
  • Rush Order (add $50)
  • State/SCF/Zip selections (add $5 per thousand)
  • Additional title or audience selects (add $12.50 per thousand)
  • A/B Split (add $40)
  • Cancellation Charge ($75)

To request other information, click here.

You may order by filling out the form below or calling 1-800-516-4343.

Fill out this form and someone will contact you for payment information.

Which directory are you interested in?
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