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Majority of HMOs Are Organized Into IPA Models

Manasquan, N.J. -- HMOs are more likely to be organized as IPA-model HMOs than any other model type, according to a new exclusive study by The Managed Care Information Center.

Some 55.5 percent of HMOs are IPAs. In a distance second, 18.5 percent of HMOs are mixed-model HMOs, 12.3 percent are network-model HMOs, 9.0 percent are group-model HMOs and 1.1 percent are staff-model HMOs. The remaining HMOs are some type of com- bination between the various HMO models.

IPA-model HMOs are more likely to be for-profit than any other type of HMO. Some 75 percent of IPA-model HMOs are for-profit, found the study, which was based on data collected for the second edition of The National Directory of Managed Care Organizations.

On the other hand, only 33 percent of staff-model HMOs and 53 percent of group-model HMOs are for-profit. Sixty-three percent of mixed-model HMOs are for-profit and 65 percent of network-model HMOs are for-profit.

The trend among newer organizations is to organize as network, IPA and group models. Some 76.5 percent of network-model HMOs were founded after 1980. And, 74.8 percent of IPA-model HMOs were founded after 1980. More than 54.2 percent of group-model HMOs were founded after 1980. On the other hand, 51.6 percent of staff-model HMOs were founded before 1986.

For more information contact: MCIC, 1913 Atlantic Avenue, Suite F4, Manasquan, NJ 08736; (888) 843-6242, fax (888) 329-6242, e-mail

For more information contact The Managed Care Information Center, 1913 Atlantic Avenue, Suite F4, Manasquan, NJ, 08736, toll-free telephone 1-888-THE-MCIC (1-888-843-6242), fax 1-888-FAX-MCIC (1-888-329-6242), e-mail or online at

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