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MCIC Press Release

August 5th, 2005

Hot Off The Press

Consumer Driven Health Plans - Health Savings Accounts Added To National Directory of Managed Care Organizations Database

MANASQUAN, NJ -- Health insurance plans that offer consumer driven health plans and health savings accounts are now included in the newest release of the National Directory of Managed Care Organizations Database. The database also includes the product names of the new consumer driven and HSA products.

The so-called consumer driven health plans are growing dramatically. Most health plans will continue to adopt consumer-driven health plan (CDHP) products this year, according to the majority of executives participating in a Managed Care Information Center poll.

CDHP products are popular with employers because the plans hold out the promise of employer savings and employee empowerment at the same time. According to MCIC research, the majority of the nation's largest health insurance companies have launched consumer directed health plan products. In fact, research determined that currently 34 percent of managed care companies offer CDHP products. Adoption of CDHP is expected to grow again this year.

The National Directory of Managed Care Organizations Database contains business and market information on more than 3,850 managed healthcare plans including HMOs, PPOs, and POS plans. It also includes profiles on more than 1,375 managed care organizations with in-depth profile information including health plan product types and names of products. Other listings include utilization review organizations, third party administrators, Medicare and Medicaid Managed care plans, pharmacy benefit management companies (PBMs), pharmacy networks, and provider-sponsored organizations (PSOs).

“Marketing and sales professionals can get managed care market sales contact information within a state or region of the country. More than 10,400 of the managed care plans include executive contact names,” said Robert K. Jenkins, Sr., MCIC CEO.

In addition to sales and marketing uses, the database can be used to generate a variety of reports including financial data, enrollment figures, and health plan benchmark data; to track managed care organization trends; to identify the top 100 health plans; to study markets and strategic planning, and for new product development.

The standard database contains 223 fields of information. Data fields include organization name, address, telephone, fax, key executive contacts, parent company, model type, plan type, number of primary and specialist physicians, and service areas. It also includes organizational composition, statistics, tax status, type of accreditation, revenues, and medical loss and administrative expense ratios.

"This information is simply not this readily available in this format from any other source, not from a healthcare trade association, not even from the U.S. Government," said Jenkins.

National Directory of Managed Care Organizations Database has been thoroughly researched and is updated on a continuous basis. The data has been collected from sources that include telephone interviews of managed care company representatives, research of state and government files, and mail and fax surveys by members of the Managed Care Information Center research project staff. All address and contact information has been verified. Currently available on CD-ROM, users receive the freshest data when the CD-ROM is delivered.

The National Directory of Managed Care Organizations Database on CD-ROM standard module price is $1,995 and is compatible with all popular spreadsheet, database, or sales automation software programs.

A companion database, the Enrollment Module, provides 82 additional fields of information, and includes enrollment by type of product, enrollment by plan type, enrollment by state, assets and liabilities, company net worth, expenses and premiums. The enrollment module is only available in conjunction with the full database and costs $1295.

The Managed Care Information Center (MCIC) gathers, collects, compiles, analyzes, studies, interprets and distributes business news and information on the managed care industry. MCIC has produced the directory since 1997, with continual updates and revisions.

For more information contact: The Managed Care Information Center, 1913 Atlantic Avenue, Suite F5, Manasquan, NJ 08736; toll-free telephone (800) 516-4343, fax (888) 329-6242.

Details on the National Directory of Managed Care Organizations Database are available at:


Source: Managed Care Information Center

1-732-292-1100, Ext. 55

Sales, marketing or business development executives may also call for more information, 1-800-516-4343.

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