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"Proving Disease Management's Value to Managed Care" Now on CD-ROM

MANASQUAN, NJ -- Disease management professionals know DM is working. However, measuring the return on investment (ROI) disease management's ROI is no easy task. DM has a way to go before it is accepted as a means to pare down healthcare costs in managed care, according to an exclusive survey by The Managed Care Information Center (MCIC).

Although measuring ROI is not an exact science, as one consulting firm put it, leading DM authorities point to improved outcomes of plan members with chronic disease, new rare disease programs are being created, and DM providers as well as MCOs are indeed reporting dollars in savings.

"How to Prove Disease Management's Value to Managed Care" CD-ROM is a 90-minute educational audio briefing originally produced as a live nationwide audio conference to address the continuing skepticism about the effectiveness of disease management and why there is no industry standard uniform methodology for measuring outcomes.

The CD-ROM features three respected DM industry experts - Robert Stone, president of the Disease Management Association of America; Alfred B. Lewis, founder and executive director of the Disease Management Purchasing Consortium; and George J. Pfeiffer, president of the WorkCare Group, Inc.

The DM industry has already reached two major milestones - establishing a definition and creating quality benchmarks such as principles and guidelines, according to Stone. The greatest challenge will be to establish a uniform set of metrics and a standardized methodology for evaluating them, he said.

ROI in DM programs is often inaccurately measured, said Lewis, who detailed the three biggest mistakes in measuring ROI during the audio conference. But while some figures may be inaccurately inflated, there is still a strong ROI, he said.

Healthcare officials also cannot afford to ignore or deny the power of lifestyle management, according to Pfeiffer, who also discussed how to identify at-risk members before health problems surface.

The audio conference CD-ROM includes slides and other materials.

Proving Disease Management's Value to Managed Care on CD-ROM is available online at:

For additional information on The Managed Care Information Center, Write PO Box 456, Allenwood, NJ 08720; call toll-free (800) 516-4343, fax toll-free (888) 329-6242, or visit

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